What is the SSPA?

Founded in 2015, the Sabah Shark Protection Association is a non-profit organisation made up of eight primary partners. These partners include NGOs, research organisations and private businesses who share a common concern about the state of Sabah’s sharks and rays and have a common goal of conserving these key species.

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OUR Vision:

The vision of the Sabah Shark Protection Association (SSPA) is to protect all sharks and rays in Sabah by reducing their capture, consumption and trade.

To achieve this vision the Association is focused on three key strategy areas: Increasing marine protected areas, strengthening law and policy regarding shark and ray protection, and increasing awareness of the importance of sharks and rays in Sabah.

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    Increasing marine protected areas

    SSPA is promoting the establishment or expansion of marine protected areas and the inclusion of shark and ray protection in existing marine management plans.

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    Strengthening law and policy

    SSPA is developing legal briefs covering all relevant concerning law sharks and rays in Malaysia (regarding fishing, finning, landing, selling, consuming, importing and exporting), and working with key government stakeholders - including the Chief Justice of Sabah - to protect sharks and rays by strengthening legal protection and enforcement.

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    Increasing awareness

    SSPA is engaging with all stakeholders to ensure everyone in Sabah realises the importance of sharks and rays in their waters for environmental, economic and personal reasons.

Our Partners: